Welcome Home Tomatoes!

Today I picked zucchini, squash and …**drum roll please**…5 cherry tomatoes! Soon I will be able to share!


They were hiding! I saw them! Reminds me of my kids’ cheeks after a round of horse-playing!


The garden is just growing! See the sunflowers! Almost taller than the fence! I love them.

I bought a new plant the other day when my husband and I were at the Adopt-a-plant sale!


She’s beautiful! I placed her in her own brand new blue container! She loves it already, very spacious! Introducing my new Mandevilla Marlena…


The name Mandevilla was named after Henry Mandeville who was a gardner and a diplomat. Marlena looks very regal with her vivid magenta flowers and her bright blue pot. She has a tendency to vine more so She will out grow her current curved trellis soon.

We are also nurturing a baby maple. My aunt gave him to me when I was in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. Maple trees really like acidic soil and we have very alkaline soil in New Mexico. I don’t know how it will do but we are trying. I will take pictures of him soon. I wanted to give him time to settle in 🙂

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