Skipness Castle

We visited an impressive stone holdout, Skipness Castle, on the east side of the Kintyre Peninsula. It was build by the Norwegian founders of Clan MacSween. They were thrown out of Scotland in 1263.

Skipness Castle

The castle was passed to the MacDonalds of Islay and Kintyre, supporters of the English in the War of Independence that was taking place.

It is likely due to the MacDonalds input that the formidable stone curtain wall was constructed. They also build a church on the shore, Kilbrannan Chapel. Their reign lasted ntil 1493 when the Campbells assumed command.

The Campbell contribution was the tower in the northeast corner of the courtyard. This became the main lordly apartment which was occupied until 1700.

This castle is quite beautiful and conscientiously maintained by the Historic Scotland Society.

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